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Danielle Livingston
Danielle Livingston grew up in the small town of Mayville, Wis., where there are more cows than people. Eventually, she became tired of life amongst the cows and decided to move to the land of cornfields: Lakeland University. Livingston will graduate in May of 2017 with two degrees; one of which being Writing. Because of her slight insanity, she changed her minor, Psychology, into a second major. Within the writing department, she works as an assistant editor for the literary magazine Seems, is the executive editor for the college newspaper, The Mirror, and has served as the intern for the Great Lakes Writers Festival. Livingston has been putting much of her time and sanity into her senior writing project, a book of poems titled Word Salad, which she will be self-publishing in November or December. After Lakeland, she plans on working on receiving her Master of Arts in Counseling in community counseling.

Danielle Livingston, 2016 Executive Editor

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