Danielle’s Top Five: Spring Break

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Danielle’s Top Five: Spring Break

Danielle Livingston, Staff Reporter

Some of us are unsure what to do about spring break being around the corner. Should you stay at home, or go out? Well here’s your answer:


Go somewhere no one has been

This way you can boost your hipster status while doing some fun traveling over your break. You can go overseas to somewhere like Hvítserkur, Iceland or stay in the states and go somewhere like Dinosaur, Colo. Either way, make sure wherever you go it is either ridiculously named or completely unknown. Expert level: make up a place.


Binge watch Netflix

Travel to Scranton, Pa. with “The Office” or to Albuquerque, N.M. with “Breaking Bad.” No matter which show you pick, grab your blanket, popcorn and favorite stuffed animal because you’ll be cramming at least five seasons of action into nine short days.


Do your homework

Just kidding.


Go somewhere tropical

Some possibilities include: Door County, Wis., the deep woods of Upper Michigan or, if you’re really up to splurging yourself, Siberia.


Go home and love-up your pets

I’m sure Fido misses you.


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