Top 5 – How to Survive Feb. 14

Danielle Livingston, Staff Reporter

Let’s face it, most of us want to avoid Valentine’s Day. Who wants to watch those happy couples kiss, hold hands, go on dates and enjoy themselves (unless you are part of a couple). Here are a few tips on how to survive the dreaded Feb. 14.

  1. Ignore It
    Remember that annoying kid in the third grade that would pull your hair and make those stupid noises to get your attention (looking back you realize they probably liked you)? Well, Feb. 14 is kind of like that annoying kid. The only way to combat that snot-nosed kid was to ignore him or her. Maybe then it will stop pulling your hair (or heart).
  2. Make Your Pet Your Valentine
    What dog or cat doesn’t love to be squished in the death-grip that all owners like to call the let-me-love-you? Snuggle up with that adorable pooch or fluffy kitty and exchange gifts. You give a bone and they give you a big ol’ lick to the face. At least you don’t have to worry about the call-back.
  3. Ruin It For Those In Relationships
    Third-wheel on an un-expecting couple or go sit next to your friend and his or her significant other’s date for the night. Not only will you get to enjoy the date, but you then get to make it super awkward for them too.
  4. Eat Chocolate
    Eat it all.
  5. Take Yourself on a Date
    Who needs another person to go on a date? Take yourself to a restaurant, Starbucks, to the bowling alley or whatever your place of choice is. Really spoil yourself, you deserve it.