Danielle’s Top 5: The five songs that explain finals


Danielle Livingston, Managing Editor

We can be serious for once, right? For this Top 5, we’re going to be quite serious because we’re handling a serious subject matter: finals. It’s serious. Seriously.

Here’s some song lyrics that explain finals.

  1. Starting to study…

This is the stage where you are hopeful and still positive about studying, when you think there may be an end to it.

“Oh freedom is mine

And I know how I feel

It’s a new dawn…”

Feeling Good by Michael Bublé

  1. Giving up on studying…

After a while you all give up on studying (don’t lie). Then, you remember 20 minutes before the exam that you forgot to study that one chapter, which leads to tears and frantic studying.

“Don’t forget about me,

Even when I doubt you,

I’m no good without you, no…”

Doubt by Twenty One Pilots

  1. During the exam (part one)…

S***. You’ve forgotten everything. Are you in the right place/right final? What the H-E-double-hockey-sticks is that thing from that one chapter from that one lecture?

“If this is to end in fire

Then we should all burn together

Watch the flames climb high…”

I See Fire by Ed Sheeran

  1. During the exam (part two)…

Now you [hopefully] can recall what you thought you had forgotten and you scramble to write down all the answers before the final time runs out.

“I’m gonna give you what you want

Time is waiting

We only got four minutes to save the world”

4 Minutes by Madonna (ft. Justin Timberlake, Timbaland)

  1. After finals…

After (sometimes during) finals you could all use some good stress relief.

“It was 15 beers ago

I was with you.

Now my money is all gone…”

15 Beers Ago by Deaf Pedestrians