Event celebrates school year


Danielle Livingston, Staff Reporter

The Muskie Success Extravaganza will kick off its first year this semester. The success and engagement team, Jim Bajczyk, director of residence life, and LC-CAB have been working together to plan the event.

Everyone is welcome to celebrate the hard work of all Muskies and the graduation of the seniors.

“When (the graduating seniors) are done, we hope they come back as contributing alumni and know they are important members of the Lakeland community, and we want to remind our undergraduates that they do want to come back (next year),” said Eric Blacknall, senior director of student success and engagement.

Along with the events taking place at the Muskie Success Extravaganza, there will be a buffet line.

According to Corey Roberson, student success and engagement coach, the menu will include ribs, chicken, grilled corn and “all the good stuff that makes you feel at home.”

The buffet line will also have water and lemonade and there will be alcohol served in the VIP tent, which is reserved for graduating seniors.

To decide which activities to include at the festival, the success coaches met with a group of students and LC-CAB to get the students’ opinions.

According to Jess Lambrecht, student success and engagement coach, the feedback they received led to the event schedule being created.

With the event schedule in place, the idea was presented to the Student Foundation Board for funding, and the event was approved in their March meeting.

“The date was picked intentionally, so students can prepare for final exams without (the celebrations) interfering with final exams,” said Lisa Stephan, student success and engagement coach. “This gives students ample time to celebrate, but then get into the focus of achieving their academic goals.”

The success and engagement team is hopeful that this will be the first of many Muskie Success Extravaganzas.