Danielle’s Top 5: How to be interesting


Danielle Livingston, Managing Editor

  1. Have a quirk

Having something unique about you will set you apart. Try squirting milk out of your tear ducts (that one will get you the ladies). Or possibly hold the record for number of sneezes in a row. Find something that makes you really stand apart.

  1. Change your name

Daffodil, Finn, Veci, Gwendolyn, Callough, Navvi, or George are much cooler names than you have now. Admit it.

  1. Gather as much knowledge you can about the people you want to meet

Nothing better than knowing every intimate detail of someone’s life before you ever meet. That way you don’t have to ask how they take their coffee. You just know.

  1. Be rich

Let’s be real. Most people would do anything for money.

  1. Make up stories

Tell people your uncle is Bill Murray. Or that you hugged a tiger when you were five. Or you’re that neat lady who writes the Top 5 lists.