Lakeland University holds first Opening Convocation

President Dan Eck rings in Lakeland's first year as a University

Danielle Livingston, Executive Editor

Lakeland alumnus Jose Araujo, Latin American market analyst for Kohler Company, spoke Thursday, Sept. 1, at Lakeland University’s first Opening Convocation.

Araujo began with a history of Lakeland, merging his own experience along with the chronological history of name changes, buildings, progressive policy change, sport formation, parties, the creation of Lakeland Japan and other important Lakeland events. He also included bits of humor, which the audience responded to well.

Araujo, born in Peru, noted that one of the best parts of Lakeland is that it brings people of all walks of life together. He urged the audience to take advantage of this. He also included a list for success for students, which included:

-Family is number one,
-treat people as they wish to be treated,
-be open,
-to be successful, have passion,
-stay humble,
-brand yourself,
-be a leader
-and serve others.

Araujo closed his speech by stating and explaining, “Ser más para servir mejor,” which translates to “to be better, serve better.”

Chloe Reed, senior Spanish major, stated that “this is one of the best [speakers] I have seen at a convocation.”

After Araujo’s speech, President Dan Eck presented the charge for the new year, “take care of self, others and this place.”

Student speakers during the convocation included Emma Landowski, senior religion and nonprofit major, who lead the opening prayer and representatives of student government, Nathaniel Cooper and Avinash Limbu, who touched on what student government does and can do for the student body.

For future convocation events, check The Mirror website or the calendar on Lakeland Today.