Danielle’s Top Five: How to stay on top of your responsibilities


Danielle Livingston, Executive Editor

  1. Get more

The more the merrier. If you have more, they will be easier to handle, right? Be the president of every club you can be, create a few clubs of your own, have an 18-credit load, have a few on- and off-campus jobs and adopt three dogs.


  1. Sweep them away

If you sweep your responsibilities under a figurative rug, they’ll go away.


  1. Hide from them

If you can’t see them, they can’t see you.


  1. Don’t have any

No responsibilities? No worries.


  1. Run yourself dry

Do homework for five hours, work off-campus for five hours, go to class for four hours, attend club meetings for two hours and work on-campus for three hours. That leaves you five hours for traveling in-between and sleep. Good luck. Try to fit in time to breathe.