Muskies become cultured with Lit Lounge Book Club


Danielle Livingstone

Lit Lounge Book Club will be reading “Shotgun Lovesongs” by Nickolas Butler, “Geek Love” by Katherine Dunn, “Swaplandia!” By Karen Russell and a final book chosen by the group members.

Danielle Livingston, Managing Editor

Sept. 30 marked the first meeting of the Lit Lounge Book Club, which was put together by three faculty members: Gina Covelli, community relations manager, Nate Lowe, associate professor of writing, and Jodie Liedke, assistant professor of composition.

The eight individuals, three of which were Lakeland students, who attended the first meeting gathered around three of the small circular tables of the 1862 Lounge. The participants introduced themselves and explained why they were attracted to literature. Covelli, Liedke and Lowe provided teasers of the books that are to be read by the club. The last discussion of literature was of an A. E. Stallings poem that centered around music. The conversation quickly veered to the music that influenced each person, and as each member spoke, a nostalgic grin accompanied their words.

The meeting ended in a moment of suspense. Three of the 10 free copies of the books to be discussed were raffled off and given to the three students who attended the meeting.

Next meeting, the following seven copies of the books (excluding the last book chosen by group members) will be raffled off. It is not too late to join the club.

The next meeting is Oct. 28, where the members will be discussing Shotgun Lovesongs. Every meeting will be at 5 p.m. in the 1862 Lounge.

If you have any questions email Covelli at [email protected]