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Under the Dome - “Under the Dome” is a TV series about a small town in Maine that gets engulfed by an invisible dome. Chester’s Mill appears to be a typical American town of relatively happy, small-town folk. However, cut off from the rest of the world, the people fight to survive not only from starvation, but also from themselves as desperation runs high. Lives hang in the balance and light begins to shed on some of the deepest secrets of the people. This Sci-Fi drama evokes a tone of mystery with a twist of action. I give this chilling series, based on Stephen King’s novel, a five out of five muskies. After watching the first episode of this series, I was hooked. The dome seems to have a mind of its own as unexpected actions of the people cause unexplainable events to take place. Every episode keeps me on edge. -Breanna Rae Weber

Breanna Rae Weber, Web Manager & Chief Photographer

Breanna Weber is a Graphic Design major at Lakeland College, graduating in May 2015. This is her second semester working with The Mirror, starting off as a reporter in Spring of 2014. She is a photographer in the Sheboygan Area and frequently does freelance design work. In her free time she volunteer's weekly at the local animal shelter and attends numerous car show, meets, and events!

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[PHOTO] 2015 MLK Walk

January 20, 2015
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Breanna Rae Weber