A tissue issue at Lakeland: Two-Ply or not Two-Ply


Breanna Rae Weber

While toilet paper may seem like a small issue, according to www.scotsman.com, we spend an average of 92 days of our lives in the bathroom.

Peter Ludolph, Staff Reporter

After a popular post on Yik Yak, a social media app, petitioning for Lakeland College to switch to a new brand of toilet paper, several students have questioned which kind is currently supplied on campus. The college primarily employs two types of toilet paper.

“They are two-ply and one-ply from Wausau paper, specifically Baywest,” said Larry Simolke, manager of housekeeping operations. Simolke said that the college upgraded to two-ply in nearly all campus buildings four years ago.

The halls that still have one-ply are Brotz, South Hall, Morland and Kurtz.

“It would double the price of what we currently pay (if we add two-ply to those halls), which would be tens of thousands of dollars,” said Simolke.

Switching to two-ply in those halls would also require large dispensers to be installed, which would take up quite a bit of space.

If you are unsatisfied with the quality, Sue Ann Kohlmann, head of custodial staff, recommends bringing your own.

According to Simolke, many colleges do not supply students who live in apartments on campus with toilet paper. One example of this is Concordia University Chicago.

“I feel that the toilet paper is of reasonable quality for an institution such as Lakeland College,” said Christian Gillaspie, sophomore business major.

The toilet paper is standardized throughout campus, which means that everyone uses the same brand of toilet paper whether or not the rolls are one-ply or two-ply.