Organization Spotlight: Latin Dance Club


Breanna Rae Weber

Every Friday, students and staff are invited to learn Latin dancing.

Amanda Bagnall-Newman, Staff Reporter

The Latin Dance Club seeks to expand knowledge of Latin culture without having to travel the distance. The club meets on Mondays at 4 p.m. in the Pub, but the actual dance lessons take place on Friday nights. Irvin Javier, senior international business major, and Meribeth Mazzi, senior resort management major, founded the club a year ago.

“Mazzi, two other graduates and I did a performance for International Night once. At first, we couldn’t figure out what to do, but then we got this idea: why not represent Latin America with all of us together?” said Javier. “Ever since then, it has stuck with us to represent Latin America as a whole instead of one specific place. It had become so successful that we made a group and invited everyone to join.”

The club has approximately 20 members whose skills vary from students who are just starting to professional performers. Anyone who wants to learn or has an interest in Latin culture is invited to join, no matter what background they come from.

Another perk of attending the dance lessons is the potential extra credit for Spanish classes.

“We have talked to Elizabeth Fronczak and Jake Caceres Garcia, and if you are in any of their classes, you can get extra credit for attending,” said Javier.

The club hosts many events throughout the semester. On Feb. 28, the Latin Dance Club had a Pub party. They will also be performing at International Night on April 14.