President, dean discuss program cuts


Breanna Rae Weber, Chief Photographer and Website Manager

In the meeting on March 5 with Dan Eck, Lakeland College president, and Meg Albrinck, vice president for academic affairs and dean of Lakeland College, students and staff asked questions and discussed the recent academic program cuts. 

Eck explained that 90 percent of Lakeland’s income comes from tuition, room and board. With enrollment down around the state, they are forced to adapt. Lakeland is about ensuring the success of its students–not only to get good grades and pass classes while in school, but also to be successful after graduation. 

According to Eck, the programs at Lakeland College were each evaluated for this future success and were not cut simply due to lack of enrollment or interest. What was chosen to be cut, although not easy, was in the best interest of students and their future.

Some students are concerned because they previously completed courses towards a minor that has now been dropped, but they never completed the paper work to officially declare the minor. Although it’s not guaranteed that someone can still add it, Albrinck encourages students in this situation to come talk to her and see if they can still work it out. 

“If they’ve been here a long time, completing a program, and didn’t get the paperwork done, we will be offering the classes anyway. I would love to have one more student,” said Albrinck. 

With these programs being cut, funding will be redirected to other programs such as criminal justice, which has a high student demand.