The Pub undergoes renovations


Breanna Rae Weber

Renovations will allow the Pub to be more inviting for student events.

Peter Ludolph, Staff Reporter

Renovations and improvements are underway at the Pub. The updates to the Pub will keep the college moving forward. After a small fire ruined the ceiling, major fixes were needed.

“The work we are doing on the Pub cost us $12,000-$15,000. We want to use the space for more than just a dank, dark Pub. We need to use that space for student programing,” said Dan Eck, Lakeland College president. “We can do that inexpensively and turn it into a better space.”

The college is insulating the pipes in the ceiling. They are also replacing the ceiling and putting in new LED light fixtures. The bar will be resurfaced, which means that new laminate will be installed and new bar stools will be added.

In addition, a name change will occur, and students and staff are encouraged to give their ideas for a new name.

“What I like about the Pub is that it is on campus, and it is a safer way to be able to drink without having to drive,” said Brandon Krauska, junior business major.

There is also an effort being made by Chris Grotegut, pub manager, to get more interactive games into the Pub.

The removal of the old jukebox and dartboard will make way for newer versions of these.

“There are a lot of programs that go on at the pub throughout the year, which includes things like karaoke, Funny February, discussion panels and student organization events (for students who are not of age to drink),” said Grotegut.

More alcoholic drinks will be offered after renovations are completed. One of the new drinks options will be shots. The shot selection will be limited, and will only be available when the pub manager is present.

As for rumors that the Pub will no longer exist on campus in the near future, nothing suggests they are true.

“I heard rumors of the Pub closing from students, but I have not heard anything from my superiors,” said Grotegut.