Choir program to include everyone next year


Breanna Rae Weber

The Frauenchor choir will be discontinued next year; however, new opportunities await singers.

Austin Anderson, Staff Reporter

Daniel David Black, assistant professor of music and director of choral activities, has overseen changes for the choral department.

In the fall, Frauenchor, which is the women’s choir, and Lakeland Singers will be replaced by a slightly modified Concert Choir and another vocal group that Black has constructed.

The new choir will be open to everyone, including faculty and staff members, and will meet for two hours a week. All musical skill levels are acceptable and no auditions will be required to enter into the choir.

Most of the music will be in English and students will also work on basic music reading and singing skills.

“The students are going to have an experience in this first choir and that’s going to lead directly to the other choir if they are interested in auditioning,” Black said.

The second choir will be a slightly modified Concert Choir. Unlike in the past, students are required to audition for acceptance into the choir. The music performed will be at a higher level and in a variety of languages. The choir will meet for four hours a week.

Members will also perform at local United Church of Christ churches, high schools, and on campus. They will will tour in the spring.

“What I believe is the ideal situation for Lakeland would be that there is a differentiation between choral ensembles based on things like skill level, musical sophistication, time commitment and some experiences like the tour that can be rewarding for the students,” Black said. “I want a clear path from one ensemble to the next in terms of enhancing things like skill level, musical sophistication and a time commitment increase from one ensemble to the other.”

“I think it’s a great way to include everyone,” said Siera Ramirez, senior choral and general music education major. “It will create an equal opportunity for people to participate in the magic of music.”

Black has other ideas for Lakeland’s choral activities, including a recital choir directed by student conductors and a community choir for citizens of Sheboygan County and Lakeland students. A gospel choir has also been considered.

“I think the new choirs are a great thing,” said Jacob Nault, sophomore choral and general music education major. “It will continue to ensure that there is a choir for every ability level.”