An unexpected opportunity for Provencher


Breanna Rae Weber

Rose Provencher, manager of student employment, says goodbye to LC.

Romain johnson, Staff Reporter

By Romain johnson

Staff reporter

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Enjoying the outdoors, taking walks and doing yoga are some of the things that Rose Provencher, manager of student employment, does in her free time.

Provencher has lived in the Sheboygan area for her entire life. Today, she resides in Plymouth with her husband, Joe Provencher.

“When I was younger, all my siblings went to Sheboygan North, but we moved to Howards Grove when I was 10, so I was the only one that went to school in Howards Grove,” said Provencher. “I love the far-fetched idea of leaving and going somewhere new, but I am really close with my family.”

Provencher starts her new journey at Acuity on June 10 as a commercial lines underwriter.

Her husband also has the same position. When he heard about the job and applied for it, he asked her to apply for the job as well.

“He applied and then he told me to apply and I said no,” said Provencher. “I like what I do, and I wasn’t really looking.”

After giving it some thought, Provencher finally took the advice of her husband just to see what would happen.

Provencher was offered the position. Everything that Acuity was telling her about the position is everything that she likes to do, which contributed to her changing her mind.

Even though she loves working with students at Lakeland and helping them out with their needs, she saw an opportunity to expand her career.

“It’s very bittersweet,” said Provencher. “I can’t believe Joe and I are about to do the same job, but I am sad to leave Lakeland. I have many fond memories of Lakeland, especially the very supportive professors and staff and the beautiful campus, but my favorite is that I was able to experience Lakeland with my family.”