Inspiration with Lindsey: Appreciation brought through hope

Inspiration with Lindsey: Appreciation brought through hope

Lindsey Vagnini, Ad Manager

Thinking about the word ‘hope’ brings many interpretations to mind. Still, its attributes are even better than its appearances.

It is similar to that moment when you read they are making an ice-cream version of your favorite candy bar. It is great by itself, but its ability to expand through becoming better is this relation of hope.

Waiting for a grade to be posted or a presentation to be over are times that we might have hoped for something. We want to know the outcome and, as we wait, we use that time to anticipate the level of our effort.

In this anticipation, we develop a sense of mental reassurance. We assure ourselves that what was done is done.  In fact, we just might use that time to take comfort in what is still unknown of what we did. This second part is when hope is practiced.

In the words of Emily Dickinson, “Hope is the thing with feathers that perches in the soul and sings the tune without words and never stops at all…”

Maybe it cannot always be seen once, twice or even three times, but it is able to be found.  

Hopefulness is found in our belief of its power, changing our mindset continually by believing in more than our current circumstances is this power.  

Trusting in the unknown is just a start to what hope might bring to even the smallest situations.

We don’t know when something is coming, we can’t see it, but it exists. Hope brings the details of what we do in our lives to another level of anticipation.

And it is in this hope that we can strive to appreciate our lives all the more.