The Little Things: Bossard’s Ice Cream Machine


Amanda Bagnall-Newman, Visual Media Editor

Sometimes we need to take a step back and appreciate the little things around campus. Today’s admiration is the newly-installed ice cream machine on campus.

This baby joined us over the summer and makes us officially a cool campus. I have fond memories of visiting my sister at UW-Stevens Point and bingeing on their soft serve machine. Now I can do that from the comfort of my own campus.

With a different flavor offered daily, I can’t help but walk across campus to see the dinner menu. This machine does not offer just the basic chocolate or vanilla, this baby’s got strawberry and other potential flavors. Personally, I am looking forward to a blue moon special. (Mark Wagner, please deliver).

Overall, the ice cream machine brings a whole new player to the dessert game. I can put that stuff on everything: cookie ice cream sandwiches, waffles with ice cream on top, brownies and ice cream, you name it. The possibilities are almost endless.

But I can’t sugar coat this baby too much, I need to point out where some improvements can be made. I want toppings, lots of toppings. For examples, on vanilla or chocolate days, I want M&M’s, Oreo bits, sprinkles and chocolate chips sitting out for my topping pleasure. On strawberry day, I request real strawberries to plop in there.

Overall, the ice cream machine is a whole new experience that is appreciated immensely by me and other ice cream enthusiasts. This investment gives both students and faculty an encouraging pat on the back that will help get them through the day. With my toppings recommendation, the ice cream machine could shine even brighter.