Amanda Bagnall-Newman, Website Editor

I will admit, I am 20 years old and I still partake in my family’s annual Easter egg hunt. I look forward to it every year; I’m not sure if it is the thrill of the hunt, the satisfaction of finding more than my siblings or the sweet chocolate treats. Traditions like these get you in the holiday spirit.

I am in love with many holiday traditions like leaving cookies for Santa and carving Halloween pumpkins. If I didn’t celebrate these traditions, the holiday just wouldn’t be the same, and the same goes if one of my family members misses out.

Traditions are like heirlooms, they are passed down through generations of our families and should be passed down to our younger generations. Some you love, and some you hate, but either way they make the holiday special.

Despite my love for traditions, there are many that are silly and are frankly annoying. For example, making Christmas lists. I despise the idea of sending people a list of what to buy for you because you think you deserve it. Presents should come from the heart, not from a list. The question becomes what traditions deserve to be celebrated? That is for you to decide.

If there is even slight disagreement about traditions, why should we celebrate them? If these annual rituals bring such disgust to people, should we partake in them? Traditions establish a sense of comfort and belonging, which brings families and friends together. They also serve as a medium to create lasting memories with your loved ones and an excuse to come together. You are given a reason to blow off responsibilities to celebrate your family’s annual pumpkin carving.

But traditions are not all about partying, they offer context for meaningful pause and reflection, and reinforce the values and beliefs we hold dear. Traditions are the very backbone of families that keep them coming back together every holiday.

So don’t feel embarrassed during your family’s Easter egg hunt, times spent together become memories that will last a lifetime.