Undergraduate Research Day: A Time To Shine

Lakeland’s Undergraduate Research Day and Scholarship Symposium gives students the opportunity to showcase their research.

Melissa Kassens, Staff Reporter

Every year Lakeland hosts Undergraduate Research Day and Scholarship Symposium which showcases our talented Muskies and the projects they have been working on, while allowing all of us to learn from them. On April 20, all Muskies are encouraged to attend the convocation credit, research day to support their fellow peers in the Bradley theater beginning at 9:30 a.m.  Students will present psychology, creative writing, sports management and marketing. Keynote speakers include Joshua Kutney, Jessica Kalmar, Charlie Krebs, Julie Mavity Maddalena, Jered McGivern and Kim Viglietti.

Nathaniel Stewart and Dr. Karin Miofsky are proudly organizing the event this year. Stewart expressed, “At Lakeland, we believe wholeheartedly that accomplishing our mission to prepare students to think critically, to communicate effectively, to succeed professionally and to lead ethical, purposeful, and  fulfilling lives, requires that students be able to contribute and lead. This event is one of the many ways that Lakeland embodies that mission.”  This unique event allows students to share their knowledge in not only a laboratory or statistical analyses, but utilizing their artistic and literature abilities. Stewart added, “My interest and involvement in the event is driven entirely by my commitment that success in academics, career, and life in general starts and ends with quality knowledge that is produced in a meaningful way.”

Lakeland Muskies look forward to this event to spotlight their talents and hard work. Samantha Butler, a current sophomore, will be presenting “Athletes and Mental Wellness” said, “As a fellow athlete at Lakeland, it means a lot to me to be able to present my research on athletes and mental wellness because I see the effects of being involved in athletics and often feel them myself.” Darcyn  Gross, a current junior , who will be reading, “Oysters Graveyard” said, “I’m so glad to have an opportunity like this that allows me to present what I have been working on. As a writer, it’s hard to get the time and confidence to have a reading, so being able to participate in this is a great experience. I am looking forward to seeing all of the projects and presentations that the other students and faculty worked so hard on.”

Monique Brickham, assistant professor of Graphic Design, has several students presenting work that has been completed with community nonprofits and,  as Stewart said, “The new insight produced from working through these projects with real community partners is invaluable.” Miofsky added, “Research is so important to our students’ development. Even with the uniquely challenging situation of the past 12 months, Lakeland students adapted, evolved,  and our students continued to thrive during a time of change.”

Come celebrate and support Lakeland students for their drive and commitment in the Bradley Theater beginning at 9:30 a.m.

Lakeland Presenters:

  • Madeline Buechel- “Understanding Dyslexia”
  • Samantha Butler- “Athletes and Mental Wellness”
  • Jessica Leicht- “Mental Health Stigma: Narratives through Animation”
  • Hunter Kuester: “Exploring the Effects of Varying Concentrations of Methylmercury and Selenium on the growth of Brassica rapa”
  • Olivia Lehman: “Catching Out”
  • Marian Cramer- “Ocean Storm”
  • Christian Gartner- “The Pirate’s Life for Me?
  • Tayler Otten- “The Lesson”
  • Darcyn Gross- “Oyster’s Graveyard”

IMSACharity BBQ Marketing Material Design Presenters:

  • Angela Carollo
  • Colton Roepke
  • Sam Walker
  • Yu Asano

Lemons on the links Marketing material design presenters:

  • Austin McKay
  • Jessica Leicht
  • Matt Misheck
  • Heather Doherty