Drunk students need safe transportation


Megan Hellmer, Staff Reporter

If you have seen the news about the issue of potential drunk driving between campus and JB’s, you know nothing gets “closer to home.”

It’s hard to miss what the problem is: the balance between offering parties for students and offering safe transportation to and from those parties. We’ve got the first part down. The second part? Not so much.

Lakeland is a close-knit family. There’s no denying that, and there’s no ignoring the impact that an accident would have on our campus family. Let’s ask ourselves what we can do to protect each other and avoid that. Let’s ask our campus leaders for their help.

We’re all looking forward to spring. I’m especially looking forward to seeing all the flowers growing alongside the road on my drive to campus, but I’d rather not see flowers by the road marking the accident site of a fellow Muskie.