The Takeover of AI

Rueben Richardson, Staff Reporter

With many changes in the world today, technology increases steadily as the years go by. Sadly, the increase in our technology means that the same can be said about the schemes that will happen around us. Have you ever received a call congratulating you on winning a prize you never entered for? Those schemes were easy to see from a mile away for most people. But, with our current technology, it is becoming harder to tell scammers’ new plans of using AI to improve their schemes. AI seems to be a fun tool to play around with, but in the hands of scammers, it has become a dangerous tool for them to make a profit. AI can replicate many things and is embedded in our everyday life, whether just using it to ask a question or having it calculate something for us. The issue now is that scammers can use AI to replicate the voices of loved ones and put you in scenarios of emergencies involving them needing money. Scammers will use this to gather as much information from you as they can to make a profit. Everyone must be wary of the possible case of being a part of a scheme that could result in a possible risk to your identity.  

There are ways to prevent this from occurring to you so the scammers cannot achieve their goal. One way to prevent this from happening to you would be to confirm that the person being used to scam you knows the story being told in the event of an emergency. Confirming this will let you know if the story is true or if this is a scam waiting to take hold. If you can confirm this as a scammer, be sure to report it to the FTC to prevent future cases of another scam.  

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