Muskies Study Grounds

Rueben Richardson, Staff Reporter

Before finals week, Lakeland students will need time to study and prepare for their exams. Most of the common areas on campus are either fully occupied or do not give the best atmosphere for studying. The pods in the campus center always seemed to be a popular place for students to gather for classwork. Students tend to take a pod for themselves to study in an enclosed place where sound is slightly suppressed. Rather than staying in an enclosed area such as the Campus Center wouldn’t it be better to go outside? Many Lakeland students miss out on the opportunity now that the weather has warmed up to enjoy the amazing weather to study.

Being able to hide under the shade of a tree or sitting in a hammock spending the necessary hours to prepare for that big test. Being outside is a great way to relax from the constricting and overcrowded areas on campus. Lakeland University’s pond makes the best area for the perfect relaxation spot for studying. Students should take this opportunity while the weather is nice to have that breath of fresh air where they don’t have to worry about cold air following behind it. When finals are all said and done, you’ll be able to enjoy the Summer and kick back to relax in the nice Summer sun