Music Community at Lakeland University

Pictured left to right: Christina Pringle, Bennett Josephs, Jessica Leicht, and Amber Bush.

Michaela Schmitz, Staff Reporter

Music is something that has the power to affect moods, stir up inspiration, and bring a group of people closer together. Lakeland University’s music community provides all of these endearing components along with creating a unique connection between band members and performing arts members. These connections are obvious to anyone who has had the privilege of experiencing the musical talent on display during concerts or theater performances. 

The element of live music inspires a great connection between the audience and the performer in an effortless and transcendent manner. Amber Bush, a music major who plays the clarinet in Lakeland’s band, said, “It has been really important for me to be a part of the music community here at Lakeland. They are kind of like my second home. It is kind of easy to be drawn into the background in my own family, so to be a part of this where I can kind of stand out and be my own individual person is really nice. Everyone involved in the music department are always there for me and cheering me on, even the professors.” 

Bennett Josephs also speaks to the comradery and tight-knit family the music department creates for those involved by saying,“ Lakeland is much more intimate than high school communities are in general. We are much more like a family, and everything here feels personal and supportive. And I think everyone involved feels the same way.” 

Jessica Leicht, a senior here at Lakeland, said, “Lakeland’s community is very passionate about music!  And most of us are doing band or choir because we are genuinely passionate about it.  I think that is what makes music so special in college. And then you produce great music because of it! 

Come support the amazing music department and feel the warmth of their community outreach on April 23 at the Bradley Theater. Start time is at 3:00 pm. and features Amber Bush’s composing skills for the first time ever!