Seniors: Post-Graduation Plans

With graduation right around the corner, we asked a few graduating seniors about their post-graduation plans: 

JT Levitt (accounting major): “I plan on moving back home to work, save up and investing a lot early since I won’t have financial obligations. If I get a good two-year head start, I’ll be able to live on my own just fine. I would like to work in a small-privately owned company.” 

Myia Mercedez (psychology major): “After graduation, I want to apply for my master’s degree in counseling here at Lakeland.” 

Noah Cotterman (sports management and leadership major with an emphasis in athletic coaching & athletic administration):I am currently applying for graduate assistant coaching positions! I have had phone and Skype interviews for the past couple of weeks, so I can find the place that fits me the best!” 

Ann Marie Schroeder (marketing major with an emphasis in graphic design): “My post-grad plans include staring full-time at the Cambridge Winery in Cambridge, WI as their Marketing Manager. I just bought a house and am excited to move in!” 

Amber Knutson (biology major): “My plan right now is to start nursing school in the fall for the next two years and eventually become a pediatric nurse. In the far future, maybe I will get my master’s degree in nursing as well!” 

Rikki Marie Vela (criminal justice major): “After hanging up my cleats and trading them in for heels to walk the graduation stage, I plan on starting my criminal justice career path. I will be working locally in Sheboygan County as a correction officer while I continue my education. As I continue my education, I will strive to become a certified Autopsy Technician. After completing my physician’s assistance degree, I then will move on to my dream job of becoming a Death Investigator or Diener.”