To tree, or not to tree

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To tree, or not to tree

Rachel Arland, Staff Reporter

Members of Enactus, an entrepreneurial club on campus for community outreach projects, set up Giving Trees around campus. Enactus advisor and Instructor of Business Kim Viglietti shared information about them. 

The Giving Tree is a charity project where people can donate items related to a specific cause that is chosen. Each tree represents a different charity. There is the Humane Society, Salvation Army, Big Brothers Big Sisters of America and the Food Pantry. The trees are located in various locations around campus: the lower level of Chase in the sitting area, the front entrance of Wehr, the business office in WAK and the Campus Center. 

This is the first time Enactus has done the Giving Tree project. Viglietti hopes it will become an annual event. She explained that Enactus kicked off towards the end of last year, so this is a good way for the organization to get their feet on the ground and get started on something. 

According to Viglietti, the purpose is to give back to non-profit organizations that are in need. When they reach out to certain companies, they find how many businesses need help. “The holiday season can be hard and there are some people who need assistance,” Viglietti said. “This project will benefit a lot of people.” 

Viglietti’s goal is for 100% participation. This includes the student body, faculty members, staff and community members. The organization hopes that when visitor come to campus, that they will bring a can item and throw it in the food pantry box. They hope to get multiple people to donate to multiple trees. 

Viglietti said that this will teach everyone about giving and encourage people to do something nice for someone else. She also explained how people can help. “People can donate a box of milk bones to a shelter to help a dog who is locked up all day,” she said. “People can donate presents to children who have no gifts for Christmas.” 


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