Lakeland students share thoughts on privilege of higher education


Lindsey Vagnini, Guest Writer

We often hear it said that people who are attending college are privileged, but what are students internalizing about these clichés?

Heather Ross, junior business administration major and mother of several children, is someone who values the effort Lakeland College’s professors are investing in their students.

“I’m grateful for the professors who could be elsewhere because they are really good in their field, but instead they (choose) to be here teaching us,” Ross said.

According to Ross, in the midst of homework and cramming for tests, it is easy to forget that the privilege of attending a four-year institution means having more opportunities and greater resources than most.

Emma Landowski, sophomore religion major, said that skipping a class or two is less appealing when students consider the financial perspective of attending college.

“You are paying $75 to sit in a class. If you are not going to pay $75 to look at your phone outside of the classroom, why are you going to do that then if you are here for an education?” Landowski said. “I thank God every single day that I have the opportunity to be here because there are many people all over the world who are not lucky enough to even have the opportunity to go to college.”

Lakeland students are not only expressing their gratitude for the ability to be attending college, but some individuals also appreciate the opportunity to tackle the obstacles that learning generates.

Sean Fujino, international business major, said, “As a Lakeland college student, I’m here to take advantage of being challenged. I have an opportunity and I have a chance to seek that challenge. That’s what I’m here for.”