Reflections: retention rates

Benjamin Wilks, Sports Editor

The Mirror asked Lakeland students their opinions on retention rates here at Lakeland. Here are their responses:


Devin Kelly
German Major

“I think the reason behind Lakeland College having a low retention rate is because they are paying so much for a school that does not offer what they want. People forget that we not only come to Lakeland to get a better chance at making money, but also to work towards our dreams. The students have no say in what they want or need because it’s decided by someone else. All in all, Lakeland doesn’t give the students what they want, and that’s why they leave.”


Crystal Dickman
History Major

“I believe that the retention rates are so low because the overall quality of the college is below the students’ standards. With the budget cuts and “voluntary retirement” happening to some of our favorite teachers, it takes a toll on our satisfaction personally. I transferred from a big school, and I would never think of leaving this place I call home. However, everyone’s needs are different, and I feel they can’t accomplish their goals here for fear they will also cut their program!”


Connor Armstrong
Religion Major

“I feel that the primary reason that people choose to not come back to Lakeland is because they are not used to the rural lifestyle. A lot are from cities and cannot get use to the lack of things to do.”


Elizabeth Wickstrom
Psychology Major

“I think many students don’t come back to Lakeland because they don’t like adapting to a new area. Being a student who is from out of state can make you a little homesick.”

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