The new cafeteria food line preview ID policy creates waves of conflict in the community.

The new “food line preview ID” policy was an idea that was devised as a way to prevent food theft from occurring in the cafeteria. According to Mark Wagner, director of food services, while there were only a couple of instances of this food thievery reported, this new “leave your ID at the swiping area” rule has been put into effect to prevent any further instances from occurring. “It’s a process of us keeping a check and balance of students coming in, and we want them to make sure they’re swiping their cards, and if they’re not swiping their cards, we can give their ID’s back and they can go eat at the grill.” 

When people were asked for their opinion on the new policy, most people reported that they had “no idea there was a new policy.” One source said, who wanted to remain anonymous, that they feel “that the campus, the people in the dining services, don’t truly trust their students.” They go on to explain that they feel like it is a reasonable idea since the dining services are a business, and need to make money, but that they should’ve gone about it another way. Another source, who also wanted to remain anonymous, also felt policy was created because of trust issues the dining services had with their patrons, and that there could be a better way of going about this whole food ID policy. 

Katie VandenPlas, a member of the dining servicesvocalized her support of the new policy. “I honestly like the new line policy… We have been having issues with students coming in wanting to look at food, but then they don’t swipe, and then they get free food.” She, along with others in the dining services, hopes this new policy will put an end to this issue.  

While there are multiple reports of those who are opposed to the new policy, and multiple reports of those who are for it, the general consensus appears to be either for or against the policy. Although, whatever the opinion one may have for the new rule, there have been almost no reports of food theft occurring since the addition of the policy, showing that, to an extent, “the new policy works,” according to another member of the dining services who’d wished to remain anonymous. It is still unclear if this policy is one that is here to stay, or if it could still be open to change in the coming weeks. 

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