Real World Talk gives alumni perspective


Scarlett Archuleta, Editor-in-Chief

In an event on Sept. 28, Lakeland’s graphic design professor Monique Brickham hosted alumnae Amanda Newman and Callah Kraus to discuss their experiences one year after graduation. 

Both Newman and Kraus described their work experiences, including the interview process, the ups and downs, and ended by giving students advice. Both majored in graphic design at Lakeland. Newman graduated in December of 2016, while Kraus graduated May of 2017.   

After graduation, Newman put in an application with Footlocker. During her interview, Newman said she made a lasting impression by asking two critical questions, “Can I meet your designers, and can I see the studio you work in?” After seeing the room that held 150 desks and meeting her would be 20-person team, Newman says, “I got hired two weeks after the interview, and it’s been great ever since.” 

While her question made an impression with the company, Newman said what surprised her the most was the number of people it takes to communicate with a client. “It’s different for each brand too, so it’s never the person twice. I probably work with a total of 30 people per day.”  

In Kraus’ case, she interned for Sun Graphics and worked on small projects before being hired full time. Kraus said she was most surprised about the fast pace of her position. “In school you might get a project, and it’s due three weeks from now. When you have it in your job, it’s like, ‘Okay, it’s due in two days,’ so you need to come up with some concepts in a week.”  

Advice Newman and Kraus have for all students is to have a plan. They recommended that students should research the employers they interview with and know what they want to do after college and where they want to go. To their fellow graphic design majors, they suggest “start building your portfolio now.”