Interim SGA election approaches with uncontested candidates


Luke Ulatowski and Madison Schweitzer

An abnormal Student Government Association (SGA) election starts on Sept. 24 with a roster of candidates lacking opposition. 

 Sophomore communication major Dominique Lee is the sole presidential candidate. Her running mate is Mitch Larsen, a sophomore biology major. Their campaign focuses heavily on improving communication at Lakeland and fixing perceived issues with the Cooperative Education Program such as students working less than their promised weekly hours over summer. 

 Votes will be accepted from Sept. 24 until Sept. 28 at 5 p.m. The ballot will be sent to students over a mass email. 

 This year marks a major shakeup for SGA, which typically sees its election season toward the end of each year’s spring semester. The delayed election was the result of a vote from the sitting SGA representatives. 

 “Our plans this year are to focus on trying to recreate an effective and active student government,” sitting SGA President Brandon Herrin stated. Herrin is expected to pass his position down to Lee on Sept. 30. 

 An announcement on Lakeland Today refers to the to-be electees as comprising an “interim government” that will serve until the regularly-scheduled election in spring or beyond in the case of reelection. In order to receive candidacy for the interim election, students were asked to receive 20 signatures from endorsers and turn them in at the Lauer Center by Sept. 10. 

 The full list of SGA candidates for the upcoming election goes as follows: 

 Executive Board: 

President: Dominique Lee 

Executive Vice President: Mitchel Larsen 

Vice President of Student Activities and Services: Dezii Bass 

Vice President of Budget and Finance: Maia Reed 

Vice President of Student Affairs: Libby Hanson 


Brandon Winter 

Erik Buchelt 

Tia Hoisington 

Tegan Schneider 


Freshman: Kenneth Ayers 

Freshman: Angela Carollo 

Transfer: Jacob Staude 

 The Executive Board’s Vice President of Public Relations position and eight senate positions are expected to remain unfilled.