Lakeland students volunteer at Acuity Picnic

Emma Schad, Managing Editor

On Friday, June 9, nine Lakeland students helped set up for the annual Acuity Picnic at the Sheboygan County Fairgrounds. Their duties consisted of setting up tables and chairs, placing signs and decorating various tents and buildings.

The Lakeland students also worked the Acuity Picnic from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Saturday, June 10. Throughout the picnic, they lugged full trash bags to the dumpsters and refilled numerous water bins.

Once the picnic was over, the Lakeland workers helped with cleanup, which included taking down signs and putting away tables and chairs.

This year was the third Acuity Picnic that Lakeland students worked at. Jess Lambrecht, Lakeland’s director of career readiness and professional development, stated, “I get requests like this often and I’m always happy to help students secure casual or part-time employment with area employers.”