Lit Lounge brings professors and students together

Peter Ludolph, Staff Reporter

Lakeland’s Lit Lounge has brought about a special opportunity for everybody on campus to participate in a community book club.

However, for students, the Lit Lounge offers an opportunity that few other colleges do: It gives students a chance to engage in conversation and community with the professors Karl Elder, Fessler professor of creative writing and poet in residence, Jodie Liedke, assistant professor of composition and Nathan Lowe, associate professor of writing.

Many colleges don’t offer book clubs that involve the professors with the students.

Gina Covelli, community relations manager, said, “the Lit Lounge is special to our college because book clubs at other universities tend to be based more with classes.”

Having a conversation with writing professors about literature is something that the Lit Lounge offers to any student or staff member.

One of the primary features of the Lit Lounge event is the discussion that ensues from the reading.

Karalee Manis, junior writing major, said what she enjoys most about the book club is “the conversation, because it is very organic and we can get into some good discussions.”

There may be some moments of silence, but don’t be intimidated; Covelli said, “people have to think about their thoughts on the reading, but there are dynamic conversations.”

The creator of the Lit Lounge is Covelli, who has arranged the meetings since Sept. 2015 and has arranged the base of books read around what the college has planned for in its literary events.

Covelli said, “We’ve anchored the readings to events at the college like the Great Lakes Writers Festival and the Community Book Read.”

The current book that the Lit Lounge is diving into is “Swamplandia!,” written by Karen Russell, who will be coming to Lakeland on April 12 for the Community Book Read event.

The meetings for the club are on the final Wednesday of every month at 5 p.m. in the 1862 Lounge. The group will be reading the first half of “Swamplandia!,” up to chapter 12, for the Feb. 24 meeting.

Though the club has seen an increase in people coming to the meetings, there is always room for more.

If you are interested in attending, feel free to reach out to Covelli at [email protected], or just show up to the next meeting.