Passionate equals healthy

Serina Jones, Staff Reporter

Many wonder why women all over the world rave about Christian Grey. This is most certainly because these women understand Ana Steele’s situation as they have been in similar situations or have a strong desire for a relationship of such passion.

The way Christian Grey loves Ana Steele is jaw dropping. He cares for her so much that he has opened up to her about a part of his life he has only ever shared with two people. He even allows Ana Steele to touch his scars, which he hasn’t let anyone else do.

To a woman, being let into a man’s sacred place signifies a lot of things. Seeing a man at his most sincere and vulnerable state can make her instantly fall in love as this is exactly what happens to Ana Steele.

Christian Grey’s ambiguity and Ana Steele’s blatant curiosity work hand-in-hand to make the most perfect love. Their love has so much passion that even his past can’t keep Ana Steele away from him.