Amanda Bagnall-Newman, Website Editor

This year marks many changes at Lakeland: we are changing our name to university, majors and emphases are being added and, for better or worse, there are many staff and faculty changes that we have already seen.

Staff and faculty seem to be dropping like flies. Some are being hired at other colleges with better pay and opportunities, some are quitting because of lack of student ambition and others contracts are not being renewed.

In times like these it seems hard to form a connection with the staff and faculty in fear that they won’t be there for you in the future.

Distancing yourself from staff and faculty because you are afraid they might not be there next semester is a pessimistic way to go about your college career. However, it is upsetting to meet a professor or staff member, spend years building a great relationship with them, only for them to leave suddenly.

If we are concerned with the staff leaving, why not give them a reason to stay? The best part of Lakeland is the family feel and the connections that we make. Some staff and faculty may not feel comfortable with the Lakeland family or haven’t been properly introduced into it.

Why can’t we treat our staff and faculty better so they want to stay? Why can’t Lakeland be the college for which other people leave their current jobs to work?

Is it that hard to get to know someone, even if it is for only a short time? I agree, it is frustrating to be bounced around from person to person, but if you ignore someone you are encouraging them to leave. Most people hired here want to help us as students and see us grow as individuals.

Lakeland shouldn’t be a stepping stone for people to rise to greater opportunities. We as students need to do our part to make Lakeland a welcoming place where people want to stay.

And for those faculty and staff that are reading, we need your help, too. Get to know your coworkers and make sure they are welcome here.