Local highlights: Urbane and Tochi Ramen

Jake Sagal, Staff Reporter

It’s no secret that there isn’t a plethora of events to go to or places to hangout on campus. With Lakeland being so rural, students tend to forget that we are located right next to Sheboygan, and that there are many hidden gems there for our students. 

For students looking for affordable food that is different from another fast food pizza or burger restaurant, they should try Tochi Ramen. 

Located in downtown Sheboygan, Tochi Ramen is a brand-new ramen restaurant that serves a variety of different ramen dishes. The food is delicious, and the environment created within the restaurant are truly original. Punk music, dark lighting and a warm atmosphere create the truly unique experience that is Tochi Ramen. More information about Tochi Ramen can be found here: Tochi Ramen. 

Students who are 21 and up should check out Urbane in downtown Sheboygan. In a county filled with average country dive bars, Urbane stands unmatched. The red Christmas lights, signature martini menu and charming bartenders create a laid-back environment. It is best to experience Urbane after the sun goes down and the lights are flicked on. Urbane is one of the cleanest, safest and most exciting bars in Sheboygan. You can find out more information about Urbane here: Urbane | Sheboygan (urbanesheboygan.com).