Senior writing majors showcase projects

Emma Schad

Emma Schad, Managing Editor

On Thursday, March 30, there was a senior project reading titled “There Might Be Something Wrong With Us: A Bunch of Weird Poems We Wrote for Credit” at 7 p.m. in the 1862 Lounge.

Melissa Reise, senior writing major, was the opening reader of the event. During her time on stage, she read sections of her published book, This Is The End, which is centered around a school shooting.

After Reise, Danielle Livingston, senior writing major, took the stage, reading various poems from her published book, Word Salad, which focuses on psychology.

The next featured reader was Karalee Manis, senior writing major. She read multiple poems from her published book, The Mass Wasting, which is based on crime and destruction.

After Manis finished reading, there was an open mic, during which multiple people took the stage to read their own work and say kind words to the three readers.

During the open mic, Reise took the stage again to read a poem she dedicated to her departed grandma.

After, Megan Hellmer, junior psychology major, shared her thoughts on the three readers. She said, “I’ve had the awesome experience of having classes with all three of [the readers].” Hellmer teared up as she continued to talk about how they inspired her to be open minded.

Luke Ulatowski, sophomore writing major, also took the stage during the open mic. “[Livingston and Manis] are cool people, but now back to poetry,” he stated, as he started to read a poem he wrote.

Manis’s and Livingston’s books are available on Amazon, Lulu and Reise’s book is available on Amazon and CreateSpace.