Muskies from the Lake

Hannah Scherer, junior marketing major. “As much as I don’t like to admit it, athletics played a huge role in choosing Lakeland to further my education. Little did I realize that Lakeland had so much more to offer. By my second semester, I had parted ways with athletics because I was applying to be a RA, giving campus tours, pledging a sorority and trying to join other clubs as well. I wanted to be involved in as much as possible and fortunately for me, Lakeland gave me the opportunity to do that. Not only have I gotten opportunities outside of the classroom, but I am given so many tools to succeed inside the classroom. The professors at Lakeland are excellent and I owe my success to them because they are some of the most helpful, caring and intelligent people that I have ever been given the chance to meet. I am thankful to have these individuals watching over my academic experience. Lakeland has become much more than a school to me in the past two years. I came in as a freshman in Fall 2015 and I haven’t left since. I have spent both summers and portions of my holiday breaks on campus because Lakeland is my home now—this is where I met all of my friends who have turned into family. That is why Lakeland is home to me.”

Emma Schad, Managing Editor

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