Student Government Association: Titles explained


Lindsey Vagnini

Voting for the Student Government Association is in the works, but what exactly are all these titles glued to the names above these student candidates?

The SGA positions existing consist of the following: President, Vice President, VP of Academic Affairs, VP of Public Relations, VP of Student Affairs, VP of Budget and Finance, VP of Student Services and Senate.

Here is the breakdown:

In the “Lakeland College Student Government Association Eligibility Criteria,” it details how members of SGA members contribute to Lakeland College.

SGA presidents are responsible to represent the student body at meetings and other decision making meetings held by the college. In addition, they serve as the chair for the Executive Committee if votes are tied after election tallies are calculated. Other responsibilities include officer reports concerning SGA activities and oral reports of SGA meetings turned in weekly.

Weekly, the president of SGA must put in a minimum of four office hours.

The SGA vice president serves as an overseer of the Senate in case votes are tied, participates as voting member for the Executive Committee and is also required to turn in weekly officer reports about SGA activities and oral SGA Senate meeting reports.

The SGA VP of academic affairs contributes to the Executive Committee voting process and assists as chair of the SGA’s Academic Committee budgets and goals. Creating written officer reports regarding the SGA’s Senate Committee activities and making oral SGA Senate meeting reports are more of his or her responsibilities. In charge of the identification and investigation of academic issues campus-wide, the SGA VP of academic affairs is required to write drafts and propose legislation to the Senate.

Weekly, this position is required to serve a minimum of two hours.

The VP of public relations is responsible to assist in the voting process of Executive Committee members and is Chair of the Student Government Association’s Public Relations Committee. Additionally, he or she is responsible for budget and goals of the Public Relations Committee.  This position handles promotional events and the ordering of items used for them.

Unique from the other SGA positions, the VP of public relations is in charge of publishing an annual Senate Journal. In short, this position also builds the branding and marketing of the Student Government Association and the elected candidate is given the task to give SGA information to other student organizations.

The VP of student affairs also serves on the voting board for the Executive Committee, is chair of the Student Government Association’s Student Affairs Committee and formulates the budget and goals of the Student Affairs Committee.

In this role, he or she is trusted to identify and investigate student issues on-campus and propose related legislation to the Senate on the findings. Coordinating Homecoming Activities is one of his or her tasks, too.

The VP of student services investigates student services issues campus-wide through the investigation and identification of these issues.  He or she is responsible for establishing budgets and goals for the Student Services Committee. This leadership position is in charge of the communication between staff members and administration, and facilitates student body responses in relating to University services offered.

The SGA Senators review SGA balance sheets and expenditures, implements restrictions and bylaws and are available to gather information and recommendations from students concerning student issues. Separately, those in this position review reports received from all Senator Committee members. They help with Student Government activities and happenings throughout their candidacy. On behalf of the Lakeland College student body, they also propose legislation.

These are a few of the various responsibilities entrusted to the SGA leadership.

Ryan Opahle, associate advisor of the Student Government Association, anticipates these roles will affect Lakeland College in the coming years, in that each of the SGA positions are a part of Lakeland’s administration.

“I anticipate that the students in SGA will become the voice of the students,” said Ophale.

Senator candidates must have the following to run for office: free criminal record, must not be on disciplinary probation and keep this standing through the duration of their position and finally they must have a 2.5 cumulative GPA.

SGA Presidents are required to have the following in order to be considered for this position: be running as a pair with a Executive Vice President, cannot be on disciplinary probation, have a clear criminal record, enrolled in 12 hours of a degree contributing program and must have a GPA of 3.0 or higher.

Voting runs through Friday, April 15 in the Campus Center Lounge. Students must present their Student ID to vote.