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Welcome to Lakeland, new faculty

Juli (Jake) Cáceres García

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As students adjust to their schedules and life at Lakeland, six new faculty members are also adjusting to a new schedule. Over the summer, they joined the ranks at Lakeland to bring new experiences and ideas to their area of expertise.

Karin Tusinski Miofsky

Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice

  • Hometown: St. Louis
  • Highest Education: Ph.D. in criminology and criminal justice
  • Study Interest: Youth Sexting
  • Hobby: Any outdoor activity and quilting
  • Interesting summer event: Relocating here from Connecticut with her family
  • Favorite thing about Lakeland: It is a liberal arts school, which Miofsky likes
  • Sports Team: Boston Celtics

“I like how friendly everyone is [here at Lakeland].”

Jered McGivern

Assistant Professor of Biochemistry

  • Hometown: Wausau
  • Highest Education: Ph.D. in biomolecular chemistry
  • Study Interest: Stem cell research and developmental biology
  • Hobby: Spending time with family and playing Ultimate Frisbee
  • Interesting summer event: Traveled around Wisconsin with his family
  • Favorite thing about Lakeland: Being able to interact on a personal level with students
  • Sports Team: Green Bay Packers

“I really enjoy talking to students and getting to know them.”

Brandon Molina

Instructor of Aviation

  • Hometown: Racine
  • Highest Education: Bachelor’s in aviation flight science
  • Study Interest: Aviation. “All of it.”
  • Hobby: Flying aircraft
  • Interesting summer event: Finished a project with Gulf Stream
  • Favorite thing about Lakeland: The diversity
  • Sports Team: Green Bay Packers

“I like the fact that it is a smaller college and students get one on one time [with professors].”

Daniel David Black

Assistant Professor of Music and Director of Choral Activities

  • Hometown: Suburb of St. Paul, Minn.
  • Highest Education: Doctor of musical arts in choral conducting
  • Study Interest: Choral music, solo vocal, classical and jazz music
  • Hobby: Attending concerts, running and watching sports
  • Interesting summer event: The birth of his daughter and moving from Arizona
  • Favorite thing about Lakeland: Students are very friendly and eager to succeed
  • Sports Team: Minnesota Vikings and Timberwolves

“I think everyone should sing. Singing is really educational and wonderful. There is something really remarkable about using your voice to make music.”

William Ebben

Associate Professor of Exercise Science and Sports Studies

  • Hometown: Menasha
  • Highest Education: Ph.D. in exercise science
  • Study Interest: Researching stock car racing
  • Hobby: Stock car racer
  • Interesting summer event: Presenting research at an international conference
  • Favorite thing about Lakeland: The people because they are genuine, seem to enjoy their jobs and are personable
  • Sports Team: Green Bay Packers

“I live every day like it is a gift from God. I appreciate every single moment of life I have [and] take nothing for granted.”


Juli (Jake) Cáceres García

Assistant Professor of Spanish

  • Hometown: Barcelona, Spain
  • Highest Education: doctorate in Spanish literature and cultural studies
  • Study Interest: Cinema and the performing arts
  • Hobby: Acting
  • Interesting summer event: He acted in the play “Things to Ruin”
  • Favorite thing about Lakeland: Its size, student body, diversity and rural setting
  • Sports Team: None

“I’m really happy to be here. This is where I belong, [and] I hope I’m here for a long time.”


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