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Lakeland is too safe for guns

Dear Editor,

I’m writing in response to the article “Security likely to carry guns soon” from the November 17 issue. Is this a joke? Guns? On the Lakeland College campus? In the past 150 years since Lakeland has been established, I find it hard to believe that any situation security has had to take care of could have been resolved more efficiently with a firearm. The truth is, we do not live in a dangerous area, let alone on a dangerous campus. If we were in a big city, or even at a bigger school, this may be a valid idea.

As if security doesn’t spend enough (with their gas guzzling SUVs, driving back and forth 24/7), guns are not cheap. I do not like the idea of part of my tuition going to such a ridiculous hazard, nor do many alumni that annually donate to support “campus expenses”. Note that I used the word “hazard,” because that is exactly what guns are. Even if they never touch the hands of students and the holders are “trained” or “licensed,” accidents are certainly possible. It would only take one misconception or mistake for our entire campus to be drastically affected. If security feels that they need to be armed while they bust teenagers for smoking a dooby behind the soccer field or while they intrude on a college party for underage drinking, maybe we should invest in a few tasers.

Alexa Galloway

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Lakeland is too safe for guns