Inspiration with Lindsey: The power of experience

Inspiration with Lindsey: The power of experience

Lindsey Vagnini, Advertising Manager

Passing clusters of Easter merchandise, a new thing called “Mystery” Peeps caught my eye and generated an idea about life experiences.

Taking a closer look at the packaging of these colorless, rabbit shaped and sugar-filled cotton balls, I thought about how the experience of eating one of these albino bunnies has a relation to life explorations.  

As the packaging reveals, what people are buying is complete chance. Strawberry, lemon and who knows what else could be flavored in these white fluffs. Their absent coloring makes them seem innocent, but once you buy and bite, you might find they taste just the opposite.

Then again, they could use this white color to hide the sugar sparkles of marshmallow goodness being absorbed on our tongue’s taste buds.

These Mystery Peeps can represent the ways we evaluate what we are looking to explore in our lives.

We look at something and at first glance, it might conceal all clues about what that experience would be like. Like the white Peeps, it may have no obvious indicator as to what aftermath would come from the experience.

Taking the leap can be sweet or sour; sometimes, we simply don’t know.

That first experience, it is colorless and gives away nothing about what it will entail. So, jumping in and reflecting on the clues that could point us to the good or bad result is our best option.

Regardless of the experience’s end result, the ability to recognize these hints can help us discern our next choice based this experience, just like the experience of eating an Easter Mystery Peep will help us determine if the purchase was worth our investment.