Inspiration with Lindsey: Taking life instant by instant

Inspiration with Lindsey: Taking life instant by instant

Lindsey Vagnini, Advertising Manager

Listening to the clinking thumps of Jordan Sparks outrageously large heels in the introduction of her song, “One Step at a Time,” reminded me of the cliché for taking on life in a day-to-day manner.

By taking it a step further, we might lighten how we interpret its meaning. For example, we could think of the tasks on our physical or mental to-do lists as different lengths of string in a bunched-up yarn ball, waiting to be unraveled at the pull of a single thread.

Anticipating this pull, we might lose that cliché saying by focusing on the amount of yarn, and not how it is neatly unfolding while being pulled by the tugging of the ongoing work.  

Optimism aside, some days require more than a day-by-day level to function during this process. On these days, determining the parts of our day by evaluation rather than anticipation might work better for us to get the most out of even the craziest days.

In choosing which part of the day we remember first, the good or the bad, when someone asks how our day has been, can help create a positive or negative impact upon the rest of our day. In turn, this outlook can help impact our future when we then reflect on that which we have chosen to focus our energy.

Often, the things we do throughout a day surpass the reason we do them beyond simply because it is a requirement of life.

Picking out the deeper meaning in our busiest and average days by focusing on the significance each instance, and of how that particularly day made us feel or made us laugh, is how we appreciate our insanely busy school or work schedules

Sometimes we lose sight of the little instances of our lives that might hold meaning, just like the many strings that make up that yarn ball. But until you start to pull the threads, you’ll never really know all that can be found within.