Inspiration with Lindsey: Awareness assisting in the quest for peace

Inspiration with Lindsey: Awareness assisting in the quest for peace

Lindsey Vagnini, Advertising Manager

For the many times our fingers press the black and grey squared starbursts on our computer keyboards, peace is a feeling that can be gained or lost in this action. Calculating numbers, compiling graphs and translating sentences are other college-related work that can either create or destroy this feeling.

These feelings of peace, wherever we find them, are specific to each person. As students, depending on our major, we can probably testify to moments in which just typing words on our keyboard was a bit stressful, specific to the class for which you had the assignment.

Experiencing this can cause us to question what really gives us peace, and not just in our school lives, but in other activities, too. It can be puzzling to think about.

I think when some people hear the word ‘peace’ they might think of meditation. Actually, peace can have a world of interpretations depending on whom you ask.

But this peace, in the sense I am discussing, is more personal and specific to each person’s ability to know when they find it.

It may not always be clear and point blank, but if we can grow in our ability to at least have an idea of what’s going on inside, this awareness can direct our next action toward a peaceful mindset.

How do we know when something is real and this peace is authentic? The simple answer might just be that peace is found when our desire for an antidote subsides.

If we can recognize when we are going through something, how we are feeling after that crisis has passed and realizing what helped us to feel better, we can better search for what gives us peace in the future.

It is in this awareness that true peace will come.