Good Cop Bad Cop

Tyra Peters, Staff Reporter

One of the most noble and courageous professions has become a mockery. I am not talking about a pilot or a bull fighter; I am referring to being a police officer in America.

Being an officer has become a disgraceful title to carry over time, not based upon the actions of every individual police officer, but based upon the actions of some reckless and indecent officers. These officers felt that they had the right and/or authority to take innocent people’s lives or that they had the sole power to punish people for their actions.

But just because every one of them are not labeled or seen as heroes does not mean we should call them all corrupt and racist.

There are some officers who pride themselves on being fair to everyone. There are some who don’t feel as if pulling out their gun is the best or first resort.

Most officers protect and serve daily because they know that they do not have the right to judge and execute people.

We must remember that, despite the few rotten apples in the bunch who are plastered all over the news every now and again, the negative titles we have given to cops, due to the acts of a few, do not identify all.