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Public unrest on police brutality on the rise

Public unrest on police brutality on the rise

Aaron Oechsner, Visual Media Editor January 28, 2016

Police brutality is a growing concern among many citizens in the United States. Online videos published and shared by citizens interacting with police have been flooding social media. Such videos have...

Danielle Livingston’s brother, Mac, is much like many children who dream of becoming police officers when they grow-up.

Voice for the Sheepdog

Danielle Livingston, Managing Editor January 28, 2016

A sheepdog guides and protects the sheep day and night from wolves. More often than not, no wolves come to prey on the innocent sheep. On those nights that the predators do come, the dog becomes the defender...

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Black lives matter: My stance on police brutality

Serina Jones, Staff Reporter January 28, 2016

Police brutality seems to be an epidemic in the United States.  From New York to Ferguson, Mo., to Baltimore, Md. and to Texas, these past two years have been crazy. One cannot just blame the black...

The Minority Report: Unprepared

The Minority Report: Unprepared

Benjamin Wilks, Sports Editor January 28, 2016

Police brutality isn’t anything new. Police officers have been abusing their authority since day one. It gets pretty easy to do immoral things when the most immoral authority is the government. Also...

Good Cop Bad Cop

Tyra Peters, Staff Reporter January 28, 2016

One of the most noble and courageous professions has become a mockery. I am not talking about a pilot or a bull fighter; I am referring to being a police officer in America. Being an officer has become...

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