Reflections: How do you feel about co-ed bathrooms, showers?

Benjamin Wilks, Staff reporter

Are co-ed bathrooms on campus a good idea?

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Last week, the Mirror confirmed that rumors about an anticipated co-ed bathroom/showers arrangement in Grosshuesch hall were false, but how do students feel about the topic? Here’s what several Lakeland College students had to say about the idea of co-ed bathrooms/showers on campus:



Avinash Limbu, sophomore business major with emphasis on hospitality management and finance:

“I think it’s a great idea. However, still some privacy is necessary.”


Finni Simko, junior history major:

“I feel that it would be OK as long as there are times and a schedule that would come with it.”


Elena Catalan, sophomore. Undecided on major.

“I understand for transgender people it would make them more comfortable, but I feel like if we have co-ed bathrooms in halls like Kruger, it would make me a bit uncomfortable. Otherwise, co-ed bathrooms in common areas like the campus center would be fine.”


Kelsey Raasch, senior:

“I feel as if co-ed bathrooms wouldn’t be a bad idea. At this point in our lives, students should be mature and responsible enough to respect each other’s privacy. I also think it may cut down on some costs for the college, not having to buy supplies for both types of bathrooms! I personally would not have an issue with co-ed restrooms.”


Suzetta Rosas, junior biochemistry and history major:

“I wouldn’t mind if the bathrooms here at Lakeland were co-ed. I understand there would be a safety issue, but either way, I would not mind.”



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