Inspiration with Lindsey: Importance of Finding Motivation’s Source

Lindsey Vagnini, Ad Manager

Art by Lindsey Vagnini

Motivation, our unsaid but understood commonality, particularly as college students, might be worth self-assessing by discovering what strengthens it.
Yikes, discovering motivation’s source sounds complicated, right?
Perhaps, motivation could be minor, but then again, it is the thing pushing us to reach higher toward and for something we deem at least partially worthwhile. After all, it is hard to say that nothing is carrying, prompting and inspiring us daily.
Motivation is helpful in our daily lives and discovering the possibilities of whom, what and how we are receiving motivation can lead us to greater awareness of our strength’s source.
In this sense, maybe taking a few silent car ride seconds contemplating our motivation’s source just might be worth our time.
Some common college student motivators might include these circumstances: finally being a boss in a future job, having more money than one does presently, reaching the stereotypical ideal that one day he or she will feel personally fulfilled working a job he or she enjoys and desiring to have a sense of stability in his or her not-to-far away future.
Imagine if the only way you could graduate Lakeland College is by climbing a 19 foot rickety ladder in your cap and gown and you were only allotted one minute to get to attempt to reach the platform’s top. Unbeknownst to the climber, though, are the loose screws settling in the connecting points of the second and third steps leading to the top. Easily, the climber could be in mid-step and the ladder could fall suddenly, possibly paralyzing the climber and causing other injuries.
Aware of the loose screws, the graduating student still charges up the ladder, motivated by the desire to reach the diploma waiting at the top and disregarding the foreseeable drawbacks evident from the ladder’s unstable state. The climber’s desire to graduate college is an obvious motivator in this analogy.
Now, realistically, climbing a ladder would never be a graduation requirement, but metaphorically the climber exemplifies a motivated individual.
Pushing on, pressing deeper by focusing on our goals at large, belittles existing expected and unexpected obstacles our endurance might be incapable of withstanding.
For some, they find that one thing that motivates them; but, once this “thing” is obtained, and their motivational aim is reached, how is new strength found?
Discovering what we find inside motivation’s gold pot at the end of a day’s rainbow might be a good starting point, but knowing motivation’s source is its vital twin, and discovering the two could provide us with continual and lifelong successes.
When motivation is being continually found, our invested efforts will start to reach higher and further toward our goals.