Muskies helping Muskies

Jake Sagal, Staff Reporter

Students band together to shovel out parking lot.

Throughout this chilly winter season students may find warmth in the comradery shown on February 23. When a last-minute email went out indicating that students needed to remove their vehicles from residence hall parking lots so the school could plow, scores of students brandished shovels and got to work helping each other out.

Volunteers helped out both present and absent students. Athletes in practice or class were able to find comfort in finding a shoveled out car in the parking lot. Furthermore, those who were able to get their vehicles out often came back to help others.

Cialinn Johnson, a sophomore who lives in Muehlmeier, commented “Honestly it was such a comfort to see everyone helping people out even if the people weren’t there. Sometimes with a small school it’s hard to see it. Or we forget about the kindness of others. But to see everyone laughing and just genuinely enjoying themselves while serving others really warmed my heart.”