Local Highlights: The Spices

Jake Sagal, Staff Reporter

Sheboygan’s delectably zestful new Indian restaurant

Among the endless sea of burger joints and shallow Italian eateries in rural Wisconsin, there sits a diamond in the rough. The Spices, a brand new Indian restaurant, has recently opened and begun its taste-themed conquest of Sheboygan county. Those looking for a more flavorful food experience can find their expectations wholly met.

When I first arrived at the recently renovated restaurant, I immediately took note of the enchantingly provocative aroma of spices flowing throughout the marble floored hallway of the entrance. Charmingly loud Bollywood hits echoed throughout the restaurant, adding another level of authenticity I did not expect. The spice level was customizable, which was greatly appreciated, as my native Sheboygan palate may not have survived a high level.

From the moment I first sat down I knew this restaurant would be special. The carefully decorated walls and support beams transports one out of this dreary little town into a more exotic world, one where food doesn’t just supply nourishment, it brings people together.

After being seated I ordered two samosas and a glass of pinot noir. For those less informed on the marvel of Indian food, samosas are potato pastries fried in ghee and stuffed with peas. The crisp, tasteful crunch of the outer shell of the samosa’s were enticing, and the well-seasoned peas and potato in the interior were inviting. Mixed with a lovely mint sauce called chutney, the wonderful dichotomy of sweet, minty, and salty was incredible.

Following the appetizer, the main dish was brought out. Lamb tikka masala, a basket of buttered naan, and a bowl of rice were carefully positioned in front of me. Interestingly, when peering around the room, I noticed not one person using silverware.

In Indian culture, one uses bread as a fork and spoon. To properly eat the tikka masala I was served, I had to rip off small pieces of naan, and scoop up the rice, lamb meat, and sauce. The power in Indian food comes not just from the taste and presentation, but in the delightful combination of foods. Every dish pairs well interchangeably with each other.

My meal was superb. The tikka masala sauce was dense, rich, and flavorful. The ratio of sauce to meat was equitable. With every giant scoop of sauce came a wonderfully succulent piece of lamb. Furthermore, the combination of lamp, rice, and sauce encapsulates one’s taste buds and transcends any single individual into a new world, where taste has new meaning and flavor is abundant.

While it can be intimidating to choose a new restaurant that serves food that may be new to you, it would be a tragedy to ignore The Spices when considering where to eat out next. The ambiance, the service, and, most importantly, the flavors eclipse any other restaurant around.